J.P. Marzan Project Ventures, Inc. is envisioned to be the most highly regarded logistics provider ready to meet the challenges of a globalized market, consistent with the best business practices.


We are committed to be a reputable logistics company, delivering safest and excellent services, consistent with our social responsibility in the economic growth of our country

We are dedicated to provide career advancement opportunities within our organization. We intend to develop our people to be honest, dedicated, hardworking and diligent workforce.

We aim to secure for our stockholders equitable and reasonable returns of their investments.


• Always Face Challenges And Never Be Afraid To Try New Approaches.
• Be Humble In All Successes And Let Your Sense Of Gratitude Felt.
• Practice Safety First , Enjoy And Love Your Work.
• Be Honest.
• Clean As You Go, Either In Jobsite Or Office.


"Always Face Challenges In The Global Market Of Logistics Industry, By Delivering Best Result On Time And Strictly Observing Safety First. "

Company History


Started as RV Marzan Brokerage – handles customs brokerage and deliveries to various destinations in Luzon.


IMP Transport was formed when the demand of hauling/transport to different parts of the country increased.


Pilipino Air Cargo was set up to provide airfreight services both domestic and international


As Fair winds Warehouse Corporation; the first distributing warehouse in the Philippines, later changed its name to RV Marzan and Associates.


Became the first and only licensed warehouse operator by the Bureau of Customs to operate an off-dock Constrainers Freight Station in the country with 10,000 square meters space to assist the government in decongesting the port.


Changed company name to RV Marzan Warehouse and became the only authorized off-dock Container Freight Station to store goods and that are forfeited in favor of the government.


Company was renamed to RV Marzan Freight, Inc. in response to the growing demand of the business in the Freight Forwarding.


Signed an Agency Agreement with Nippon Express Philippines Corporation in which is the number one forwarder of Japan. It has spearheaded the founding of ACOP (Association of Off-dock Operators of the Philippines)


Filed accreditation with Philippine Shipper’s Bureau as breakbulk agent and consolidator.


Ramon V. Marzan acquire full ownership of the company and formed RV Marzan Project Cargo to handle the growing demand of logistics and heavy lift transport. All 3 companies – RV Marzan Brokerage, IPM Transport and Pilipino Air Express were consolidated under RV Marzan International Freight Forwarders, Inc.


Signed an agency agreement with Sun Ocean, one of the leading Forwarders in Japan, APLS BOK SENG, number one heavy lift Forwarder in Singapore.


Signed an agency 9002 accreditation. It renovated and improved office and warehouse facilities at RV Marzan building to provide customer a world-class business center.


RV Marzan Logistics, Inc. was formed to provide a powerful fleet of equipment which includes heavy lift, rolling trucks, prime movers, low-bed and multi-axle trailers of different sizes and capacities, cranes, forklifts and closed vans among others.


Transferred to new 5-storey building in Delpan.


In partnership with Saiga Corporation of Japan and U-Mac of Vietnam, RV Marzan Logistics was formed to provide sales and rentals of equipment which includes different sizes and capacities of cranes, forklifts, generators, etc.


Establish JPMarzan Project Ventures, Inc. spin off RVM Logistics Cabuyao office into a separate company